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Firefighter Application

Application for Firefighter

Hello and welcome to the Troy Fire Department Volunteer Fire Fighter Application page! Please answer the below questions to determine your eligibility to apply as a volunteer firefighter. Should you meet the prerequisites, you will have an opportunity to complete the remainder of the application. Understand that as a volunteer firefighter, you will not receive direct monetary compensation for volunteering.

Application Date

I am a minimum of 18 years old:

I currently live or work within 3 miles of a Troy Fire Station:

I possess a valid MI driver's license:

I possess a high school diploma or equivalent:


Date of Birth

Present Address

Prior Address

Phone Numbers (Choose Preferred)

Email Address


I am able to respond to incidents during:

Between the hours of and


(Provide copies of diploma, GED, certifications, etc...)

High school

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Military Experience

Are you an Armed Forces Veteran

Background Information

Are you currently under indictment for a felony warrant(s)

Have you ever been convicted of a felony

Have you ever been arrested, detained, or taken into custody in this state, in any other state, in military service, or elsewhere for a felony or a misdemeanor; or were you ever investigated by a law enforcement or governmental agency?

Do you possess a means of reliable transportation?

Has your driver's license ever been suspended or revoked

Have you ever been involved in an accident

Were you judged at fault in any accident

Employment History

Current Employer

Length of Employment:

Were you ever subject to DISCIPLINARY ACTION in connection with this employment

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Ability to perform job functions

Are you able to perform the following tasks with or without accommodation?



Wearing of Breathing Apparatus:

Training & Skills

Do you currently possess Michigan Firefighters Training Council Certificates for Firefighter I & II:


How did you hear about becoming a volunteer firefighter? (Check all that apply)

Sworn Statement

Prerequisites not met

Thank you for your interest in becoming a City of Troy Volunteer Firefighter, but at this time you do not meet the minimum prerequisites.

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