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Salaries and Benefits

Positions marked with ยน also received payment(s) in this year from the Firefighter Incentive Plan for accrued service as a firefighter. These payments are included in the Medicare Wages and Total Compensation and Benefits.


Salary and benefit amounts are listed by each employee's last primary position that they held in the specified calendar year. During the year, employees may have moved from full time to part time. In such cases, you may see benefits listed under a part time position.

Part-time employees are not assigned specific positions. They are listed as Part Time in the last primary department that they were assigned to in the specified calendar year.

Medicare Wages

This is the amount of wages that is subject to Medicare taxes as reported on Form W-2 filed with the IRS for each employee. Click on this amount to see a break out of these wages including the following:

Regular Pay
Compensation that was paid to an employee at standard and/or contractual rates. This includes regular pay, sick taken, vacation taken, holiday, personal business, council rates, etc.
Overtime Pay
Wages that were paid at a premium rate.
Longevity Pay
Longevity pay is an additional payment made to an employee based on years of service. Longevity for new Hires was eliminated (started negotiating in 1993).
Unused Sick
Annually, employees are paid for sick time accrued in excess of capped hours which varies depending on labor group.
Unused Vacation
Annually, employees are paid for some or all unused vacation time from the previous calendar year, depending on labor group.
Payment In Lieu of Medical/Dental Coverage
Reimbursement amount for full time employees that do not elect medical or dental coverage through one of the City's benefit plans.
Personal Mileage
For employees receiving a car allowance, this is their taxable personal use amount.
Medicare Excludable
This amount is included in the above categories but is excludable for Medicare tax purposes. It includes items such as the employee's contribution to their healthcare and retirement healthcare costs.


City's portion of FICA and Medicare taxes.


City's contribution towards the employee's defined contribution plan or the actuarial determined value of the benefit of being a member of the City's Defined Benefit Plan, and Post retiree Healthcare systems. Please note that the defined benefit plan is closed and all employees are required to contribute to these plans.


The City offers a self-funded medical insurance plan. The actual cost of an employee's self-funded benefit varies by employee based upon individual claims filed on behalf of the employee and/or his/her dependents. Accordingly, due to privacy concerns, these costs are not reported on an individual employee basis. However, for comparative purposes, illustrative rates provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield have been included and may not represent the actual costs incurred by the City.


City cost for limited dental coverage.


City portion of cost for life insurance. Employees are also required to contribute.


City's cost for short term and long term disability coverage. An employee is eligible for long term disability after three years of service.

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