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Board Of Review

Board Of Review

Board Members

ADAMS, JOHN Jan 31, 2026
SHOAN, MICHELE Jan 31, 2025

The Board of Review is established by the Home Rule City Act Section 117.27b and State Statute, MCL 211.28, and is referenced in Chapter 9-Taxation, Section 9 of the Troy City Charter. One-third of the three member single board is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of City Council during January of each year for a three year term beginning the first day of February in the year in which the appointment is made. City Council is charged with establishing the compensation of the members of the Board of Review. All members must reside in Troy and two thirds of the members must be Troy taxpayers. Appointees shall be selected based upon their knowledge of property values and the subjects of assessments and taxation. No member shall hold any other public office or public employment, except that of notary public or member of the armed forces. The Board reviews citizen appeals regarding assessed property values annually and will adjust the City Assessor's values if needed. Any Board of Review decision may be appealed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. The Board of Review meets each year at City Hall, beginning on the Tuesday following the first Monday in March and for as many successive days as necessary until March 31. Prior to the final meeting of the Board of Review, the Board shall give notice to each owner of property whose property is added to the assessment roll.

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