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Liquor Advisory Committee

Liquor Advisory Committee

Board Members

COMISKEY, ANN MJan 31, 2027
EHLERT, MAX KJan 31, 2024
GIORGI, LYNN No Term Expiration
GORCYCA, DAVID Jan 31, 2026
HAIGHT, DAVID Jan 31, 2025
JONES, KELLY Jan 31, 2026
MARTIN, MATTHEW Jan 31, 2025
The Liquor Advisory Committee, established by resolution in 1956, is a seven-member committee appointed by City Council to serve three-year terms. The committee reviews license applicants and complaints as requested by the Police Chief. Information regarding the liquor licensing policy may be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's Office.

City Liaison: Police Department, Lynn Giorgi  248.619.7603.

The LIQUOR ADVISORY COMMITTEE of the City of Troy will hold Public Meetings on an as needed basis at Troy City Hall, 500 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, Michigan.  For further information, call 248.619.7603.

If a meeting is scheduled during the year, a meeting agenda will be posted outside the City Clerk’s Office and posted to the city’s website at least one week before the meeting.

If any meetings are scheduled during the year, they will be held in the Lower Level Conference Room at 7:00 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.

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