City of Troy

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Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 248.524.3300

Election Commission

Election Commission

Board Members

ANDERSON, DAVID Jan 31, 2021
DICKSON, M. AILEEN No Term Expiration
PHILO, HARRY Jan 31, 2021
The Election Commission, established by Section 7.13 of the City Charter, consists of the City Clerk, Chair of the Election Commission, and two qualified and registered electors of the City. The Council appoints the two members annually in January for a term of one year. The Election Commission oversees the appointment of the Board of Election Inspectors precinct assignments prior to each election, and has charge of all activities and duties required by Statute and the City Charter relating to the conduct of Elections in the City of Troy.

City Liaison: City Clerk, 

Meetings: As needed and prior to all elections at Troy City Hall.