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Employees Retirement System

Employees Retirement System

Board Members

BOVENSIEP, KURT Dec 31, 2024
BROOKS, THERESA Nov 13, 2023
DUNGJEN, PETER Dec 31, 2023
FOSTER, JOHN HDec 31, 2024
MALESZYK, ROBERT No Term Expiration
MILLER, MARK FNo Term Expiration
OWCZARZAK, MARK Dec 31, 2025
Pursuant to Chapter 10 of the Troy City Code, the Board of Trustees approves employee retirement requests, oversees retirement health care coverage, and manages pension investments. The Board consists of eight members including the City Manager and Assistant City Manager/Finance and a non-voting retiree from the Defined Benefit Plan. Six members serve for three-year terms, three of which are appointed by City Council and three are appointed by the membership.

City Liaison: Financial Services Director, 

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12 pm at Troy City Hall.

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